Discovering Your Job Search Focus

Discovering Your Job Search Focus is our Resource Guide of assessments and tools to help you prepare for our first coaching session together. Therefore, think of it as my toolbox for helping you figure out who you are and what you want.

“Who AM I?”

  1. (Free) To complete the Values Test, a new website will open up upon clicking this link. Create a free account on their website. This can help you learn more about your underlying work needs and motivations, and can help you decide what is important to you in a job. Please save as a pdf and email back to me for review prior to our first coaching session.
  2. (Purchase) Click on this link to purchase the latest workbook version of What Color is My Parachute? and complete the Flower Exercise to share during our first coaching session. “The most successful job-hunting begins with your doing research on yourself (using “the Flower Exercise”—which results in successful job-hunting 84% of the time—rather than beginning with research on the job market (what are the jobs in demand, the “hot” jobs, etc.), which results in finding a job only 4% to 28% of the time, at best.” – Richard Bolles (pg. 22).
  3. (Purchase) Your career transition is a project to complete. This 13-week goal planner, backed by science and success psychology, is designed to optimize your day, tackle your goals, and live a more fulfilled life. The Best Self Journal will help you: Set, plan and track progress towards your biggest goals, Be more productive, overcome decision fatigue and focus on what matters most, and Prioritize your workload, build good habits and make every day count.
  4. (Free) Lastly, here is a link to a handy Job Search Checklist.


  1. (Purchase) Understanding that you are now in a period of transition is mission critical for your mindset while you traverse these next few weeks and months.

    Neil struggled from his own job hunting experiences, which is why he ultimately created Career Upgrader. Additionally, as a Military Chaplain, an Oncology Chaplain and a Bereavement Chaplain, Neil learned much from cancer and hospice patients and their families about various life transitions and have learned to view change as a way you can learn and grow new skills and muscles, as well as deepen your faith in God.

    Neil and Robyn wrote a book on the subject of making changes, sometimes rapidly and sweeping; other times small and slow. “Pivot: Is it Time for a Change?” (Buy now on Amazon for $4.99 by clicking that link to the left!)

“What Do I WANT?”

  1. (Free) Please complete the “I’m not really sure” section on one of my favorite self-discovery career assessment titled “What do you want to do for a living?”  (Clicking this link opens up to a third-party webpage). Save report in a pdf and email to for review prior to our first coaching session.
  2. (Purchase) CareerFitter contains THE best career assessment test that can change your life! After a simple quiz to determine your personality style, turn to the corresponding chapter that reads as if it was written just for you and discover what ideal work options there are for you.

Additional Resources to discovering your job search focus can be found for free on our blog.