Our Process

Introduction to Our Process

Our process on your journey to get hired begins once you choose a package and either pay in full on our website or make your down payment on a payment plan through PayPal, you receive:
1. a welcome email
2. login instructions to our web portal
3. a link to schedule our first coaching session together

(GET CLEAR) Session #1: Discovering Your Job Search Focus

We start our process together with our first session of coaching, where we get crystal clear on the following:
1. Who You Are
2. What Strengths and Value you bring to your next employer
3. What EXACTLY you want out of your next role

We do this by producing a Personal Preferences RoadmapTM, which becomes the customized focal point for your job search and which we use as the criteria for job leads we might send you once our Job Support Services begin after you receive your deliverables. 

(GET CLEAR) Session #2: Developing Your Brand Message

In the next coaching session (scheduled together at the end of our first session), we create together your branded 30 second Elevator Pitch which finds itself in three places:
1. At the top of your resume mingled with your summary and three of your strongest career highlight bullets
2. On your About summary section on your LinkedIn profile as a marketing magnet with a Call To Action
3. It also becomes your scripted answer for the interview question, “tell me about yourself!”

Deliverables Produced

Within 48 hours, the first draft of your resume is emailed to you as well as your Cover Letter and Thank You Letter. Once we agree your resume is ready for applying with, your LinkedIn profile is updated and optimized within 24 hours. This is also when your Job Support Services officially begins.

(GET NOTICED) Session #3: Uncovering Hidden Opportunities and Networking

Newly armed with your resume and LinkedIn profile, the next step in our process on your journey to get hired is where we train you how to position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in your field on LinkedIn and how to draw the attention of recruiters and decision makers alike so you get noticed. We also provide a job search CRM tool that will prove a handy tool as you organize your job search.

^^^^This comprises our ENHANCED Package^^^^

(GET HIRED) Session #4: Interviewing Skills & Practice

In this session, we put on a mock interview, where we work on putting your Brand Message to the test and build your confidence. We provide feedback in real-time for your benefit and skill development.

(GET HIRED) Session #5: Salary Negotiation

What are your salary requirements? WAIT! Don’t give them a number just yet! First, learn the art of communicating your value to your potential or existing employer so you are paid what you deserve. Recently, one of our clients emailed to tell us they received an offer letter. Using the skills we taught him in this session, he was able to negotiate for $21k more in starting annual base salary AND a fully remote position, which is what he wanted from the start!

^^^^This comprises our BOOSTED Package^^^^

(START WELL) Session #6: Onboarding for Success

Do you know why 28% of all job seekers who got hired in 2018 were no longer employed by that company 12 months later in 2019 (you can’t blame covid-19 for this one!)? They failed to onboard well in their first 90 days. During this session, we help you STAY in your job and THRIVE by teaching you what potential pitfalls to look out for, what questions to ask, assessing who your power players are, finding your team of advisors and supporters as well as setting up your initial habits and goal setting so your first quarter is filled with less stress and more success.

(THRIVE) Session #7: Now that You’ve Got the Job, Let’s Uncover Secrets to THRIVING IN YOUR JOB

Using my book as a launching point for discussion, learn the art of self-care as well as leadership of others which flows from loving yourself well. Here we are going to take assessments and develop skills and habits to help you in your personal growth, both of yourself and of others.

(END WELL) Session #8: Living the Portfolio Life

Most of us are aware of diversifying our financial portfolios, but do we diversify our time and activities to prioritize what’s truly most important to us AND maximize our income at the same time? Here we learn the art of the Portfolio Life where we discover what living semi-retired looks and feels like.

One-Time Resume and Network Broadcast

This occurs in our process right after your Linkedin profile is updated. We broadcast your resume and cover letter to the following:

  1. We will broadcast your resume and cover letter to Neil’s personal Linkedin network of 10,420+ (as of March 2021) personal 1st connections to obtain their help in a one-time post that alerts my network
  2. Neil is a member of the TOP Person Ambassador Linkedin group consisting of 180K+ (as of March 2021) engaged Ambassadors worldwide where we will also broadcast your resume and cover letter to them in a one-time boosted post, engaging their assistance and support! 

Job Support Services

As you send us job listings, we pursue the recruiters who have posted those job openings as well as work to find the decision-maker above them. As always, the goal of our efforts is to get you to the interview. These services in our process include 60 days for the Raise the Roof package only, and begins the same day you receive your Linkedin profile update.

The following is a list of functions we perform on your behalf:

  1. Research and share up to three job leads in alignment with your Personal Preferences RoadmapTM
  2. Research and locate the relevant recruiters who own the job posting requisition.
  3. Reach out to them on Linkedin with a connection request.
  4. Once they accept our connection request, we ask them to consider your application and any relevant questions you may want to ask but are concerned by doing so yourself. We include your cover letter and resume in that conversation.
  5. If we don’t hear back from them within 2-3 days, we follow up over the phone with them as your representative to see if they have reviewed your applications.
  6. We realize a career transition may be stressful. We are here for emotional support over the phone, email or Linkedin message as well during our time together through your job search.

^^^^This comprises our RAISE THE ROOF Package^^^^