Target and Customize Your Resume

Target Your Resume for Every Job

For every job you apply to, customize your resume and cover letter to that specific target

I went to the archery indoor range the other day to shoot my new bow.

Looking around, I randomly chose any target I felt I wanted to hit (within reason and safety, of course) and as a result, fired away.

Nope. I didn’t hit a single thing! I went home out of frustration, having spent a few fruitless hours of trying to hit something.

It dawned on me later that night… AHA!

If I aim small, I will miss small!

Above all, I should clearly define my target and then start shooting at that ONE target specifically.

The next day, I drove back there. You know what? I shot that target up and hit it almost every time!

I noticed my arrow groupings started to form a pattern, even though I missed the target a few times. Therefore, once I caught on to the pattern, I started adjusting the subtle nuances of my body mechanics and so I soon NAILED IT every time!

How archery relates to your job hunt

Have a clearly defined job target to tailor your resume toward. The Linkedin and resume titles of “Customer Service Professional” or “IT Professional” is far too broad and won’t get you noticed. Trust me on this; I coach executives like you on getting clear daily.

When you aim big, then you will miss big!

You need to laser focus on a specific bullseye or you’ll get stuck in “job hunt mode” for months, hating every moment of it. In other words, you’ll hate it because you’re aiming at too broad a target and therefore won’t hit anything.

Target your resume and your cover letter to every job you apply for. If you DON’T target your resume, you will not get noticed by recruiters or the desired decision-makers.

“Spray and pray” isn’t a strategy. 🙂

Aim for the bullseye!


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