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Career Upgrader navigates professionals in career transition to get clear, get noticed and get hired for work they love faster than going it alone… through coaching, resume writing and recruiting services!

We spend most of our waking hours working…

A Career Upgrader spends life doing what we LOVE, and which fits into our personal preferences! Furthermore, when we love our work, we become better versions of ourselves. Therefore doesn’t that empower us to live out our divine design, and ultimately honor God?

If you can imagine yourself doing the MOST AMAZING THING with the rest of your life, what would you be doing?

Is there a job for that?

If you had life YOUR way, what would the next chapter of your professional career look like?
In other words:
+ What do you want to be when you grow up?
+ Do you have a specific company you want to work for?
+ Is there a specific position or title you would like next?
+ Or is it time to pivot and launch out on your own?
+ Or… you… just… DON’T… know!

We work well with those who struggle to answer these questions as equally as we do with those who know where they want to go and just need help getting there.

Clarity through Coaching. Eyeglasses make seeing a highway easier.

Career Upgrader Offers Four Solutions to Your Job Search


Strategic Clarity Coaching for Life and Career. Stop the merry go round applying for job after job online, using a broad and wide approach. This is merely mimicking what your competition is doing! As a result, doing this guarantees you will remain stuck in continual search mode for longer than necessary. Don’t give in to the temptation to shoot a bow and arrow and draw your target around the arrow wherever it landed on the wood fence!

We help you start by connecting you to Your Life Plan, creating your Personal Preferences RoadmapTM, and crafting your Elevator Pitch.

Your job search begins with WHO you are and WHERE you want to go. How would YOU answer: “tell me about yourself?” in a way that’s relevant to the potential employer in front of you?


Job Search Tools upgrade: In this phase, we consider job search tools as Resume writing, LinkedIn profile updates and optimization, cover letters and thank you letters. Firstly, there are no forms, templates or resume-mill here. Secondly, you work directly with us. Thirdly, our resumes are targeted and include your elevator pitch with three of your strongest career highlighted bullets. As a result, your work experience on your resume will be easier to read if it has three to six achievements-based bullets with quantifiable data focused on your accomplishments, rather than 10-12 bullets that read like a job description. 

Job Search Strategy upgrade: In this next phase, we examine your current Goals, Habits, and Networking tactics and upgrade them so you’re more strategic, less stressed and productive. Additionally, we help you become a subject matter expert in your field on LinkedIn so recruiters come to YOU rather than having to knock on THEIR door all the time!


Job Support Services: Now that your strategy and tools are in place, we advocate on your behalf to decision-makers as your recruiting headhunter. Our goal is to get you to the interview, equipped with all the necessary skills developed from our interview, follow up and salary negotiation coaching in order to help you get hired.


Our journey together doesn’t end once you accept a job offer and get hired. Moreover, our framework helps you transform into a better version of yourself! Firstly, we upgrade your Self-Care protocol and daily habits of personal development. Secondly, we create a successful Onboarding Cadence of a 30-60-90 Day Plan. As a result, we build upon your plans so you begin to live a Portfolio Life, which is the art of living semi-retired, now.

Your future self will THANK YOU for it! What are you waiting for? Be a Career Upgrader… your journey starts now.

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Career Upgrader is on a mission to help you
get clear, get noticed and get hired!

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Our Process

Learn how we work and what your next steps are to finding clarity, getting noticed and getting hired!

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Our Team

Get to know your Career Upgraders so we can help you better! Our team of Coaches, Resume Writers and Job Placement Specialists are ready to join you on your journey!

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Our FAQs

What’s your success rate? Are you familiar with my industry? What companies have you placed clients in? Have you helped military members transition to civilian careers? We’ll answer these and more!

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