How to Steal a Recruiter’s Attention in 7 Seconds

How to Steal a Recruiter's Attention in 7 Seconds

Deep-Dive with an Experienced Technical Recruiter and Learn HOW and WHY They Give You Only 7-10 Seconds

How to Steal a Recruiter's Attention in 7 Seconds

If you want to know how to steal a recruiter’s attention in 7 seconds, you’ve got to enter their world for a moment. You must understand their responsibilities and their numbers first.

A Recruiter’s Main Responsibilities:

  1. Review resumes/applications for my open requisitions (job postings)
  2. Move candidates forward or disposition (reject) them
  3. Phone screen interview those moved forward (15-30 minutes)
  4. Collect my notes to send to the hiring manager including my recommendations for next steps
  5. Repeat step 2 for next round of interviews
  6. Schedule next round of interviews for hiring managers
  7. Collaborate with hiring managers to approve offers
  8. Send verbal/written offers to candidates
  9. Negotiate or send for background checks 
  10. Work with candidate until onboarding and ready for hire status

Responsibilities Not Mentioned Above:

  1. Group meet for large projects (high-volume roles)
  2. Actively source for qualified and diverse candidates (1-2 hours)
  3. Meet with other team leads and hiring managers (15-30 minutes)
  4. Weekly meetings with team to go over current workload (30-60 minutes)
  5. Review video interviews until skills are strengthened
  6. Answer emails and administrative time

Average Numbers (For Your Awareness):

  • 35 = # open job requisitions they work to fill at any given time (my peak was 73)
  • 250 = # of applicants per corporate job opening (I’ve had as many as 1200)
  • 8,750 = # of applicants they review if 250 applicants apply to each of my 35 open requisitions
  • 1,250 = minutes of reviewing resumes if I spend 7 – 10 seconds for each of those 8,750
  • 21 = hours of work, or 50% of a work week spent reviewing resumes
  • Remember, these are averages… therefore, accurately calculating all of this out would be daunting

Still want to know the real reason why recruiters take 7-10 seconds to review your resume?

  1. 7 seconds is all the time we have!
  2. Recruiters know where to look to find the information we need.

TL;DR to summarize:

  1. To summarize: Recruiters don’t have time to spend reviewing thousands of resumes
  2. Therefore: Learn the system to increase your chances of getting noticed

So What NOW: HOW Do I Steal a Recruiter’s Attention in 7 Seconds?

  1. First, write your resume for human eyes, and therefore increase your chances at their attention!
  2. In addition, make yourself stand out with a scannable, accomplishment-based resume.
  3. Furthermore, stop playing around with AI resume scanners and fancy templates.
  4. Lastly, use simple formatting to showcase powerful content on the first page!

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