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  1. Career Coaching (8-one hour sessions)
  2. Job Placement Services (90 Days)
  3. E-Book on Self-Care
  4. One Professional, Executive-Level Resume
  5. LinkedIn Profile Update
  6. Cover Letter
  7. Thank You Letter
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Coaching: Eight weekly online video (or phone if preferred) 1-hour sessions of career coaching focused on the following topics:

  1. Discovering Your Focus of Your Job Search: This session helps you determine where you are in your journey toward work you love. It’s the “You Are Here” session where we get clear on your direction. As a result of discovering WHO you are, what VALUE you bring to your next company and WHAT you want, we narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, as well as discover two new critical habits for a successful job search that will drastically reduce time spent unemployed (if followed!) and keep you feeling a sense of accomplishment throughout your transition. (Value: $297)
  2. Developing Your Brand Message: How you communicate YOU to potential employers on-line, on-paper and in-person makes all the difference between getting ignored and landing the job! Here, we spend time developing your 30 second elevator pitch in preparation for your document creation as well as interviewing. (Value: $297)
  3. Uncovering Opportunities and Networking: Think back to your last job search – did you network? How? What was effective? We propose a better method to finding new opportunities and making connections than the traditional method of sharing a business card at after-hours mixers. Leveraging the power of LinkedIn, we help propel you to put your best foot forward and make that stellar impression so recruiters seek YOU out. (Value: $297)
  4. Interviewing Skills & Practice: Interviewers have a legendary tendency to throw curve balls. Here, I act as the interviewer and we work on how you put your Brand Message to the test by strengthening your interview muscles. Even the most veteran of interviewees benefit from the skill development of practice. (Value: $297)
  5. Salary Negotiation: Don’t settle for what they tell you you’re worth. Learn the art of communicating your value to your potential or existing employer so you are paid what you deserve. (Value: $297)
  6. Onboarding for Success: A large percentage of those in job transition who are hired are actually looking again twelve months later. What happened? Why? Learn how to onboard to your new job well, understand the principles necessary to set you up for success both now, a year from now, and beyond. (Value: $297)
  7. Mastering Self-Care and Leadership: Using my book as a launching point for discussion, learn the art of self-care as well as leadership of others which flows from loving yourself well. (Value: $297)
  8. Living the Portfolio Life: What should you do when you retire? Typical North American retirement leads to dullness within six months. It accelerates mental and physical deterioration, demoralizes good leaders, and the typical attitude about it is “I’ll retire when I need hospice.” Instead, choose to live the “Portfolio Life” which is diversified, like an investment portfolio where you plan for a smorgasbord of activity and enjoy life NOW! (Value: $297)

Placement Services: I serve as an outside recruiter for all of my coaching clients for 90 days from date of initial purchase. Although I may not be the only advocate you have, I can certainly help leverage my network and know how to get a foot in the door to be another voice in your corner, pitching to recruiters and hiring managers alike on your behalf. (Value: $7,128)

Self-Care Ebook: On an airline, the pre-flight safety briefing always specifies to ensure you place your own mask on your self before helping others in the event an emergency occurs when oxygen masks become necessary. Attempting to help others becomes ineffective when you’re struggling yourself. Learn the simple but effective art to caring for yourself so you’re able to succeed at work-life balance and productivity beyond your wildest dreams. (Value: $27)

Professional, Executive Level Resume: Once you send us an online job posting of the job you’re looking for (sending us the weblink is sufficient), we rewrite your resume, transforming it into an action-oriented, achievement based document that includes bullets with full keyword optimization (to satisfy Applicant Tracking Software requirements) for ALL jobs and content. This includes a powerful summary introduction to immediately grab attention. We design in a fully editable Word document and include a pdf format as well. (Value: $497)

LinkedIn Profile Update: Optimize your LinkedIn profile to instantly increase your web presence and GET NOTICED. Using your resume, we fill out all areas of your experience, education and skills, as well as complete your About summary, update your background photo and ensure your settings are set correctly to get noticed by recruiters. (Value: $297)

Cover Letter: Ensures you have the perfect introduction for a potential employer in a concise and pleasant document with your customized branding in a Word .doc. (Value: $97)

Thank You Letter: It may seem old fashioned, but ask anyone if a little bit of gratitude and thoughtfulness goes a LONG way, and we think you’ll distinguish yourself above your competitors! We provide a Thank You Letter Template in a Word .doc format for you to fill out and send after interviewing. (Value: $97)

TOTAL VALUE = $10,519



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