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Coaching: Twelve 50-minute weekly sessions of career coaching based on career or life topics, but mainly focused and flexible toward client need.

Consider using these as a 1x/mo career maintenance plan. You will receive 12 for the price of 10! This is our “Annual Plan” where you’ll receive TWO MONTHS FREE!

You have one year from the date of purchase to use these twelve sessions available to you. There are no refunds or prorated returns if unused.

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TWELVE (12) 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Twelve 50-minute online video sessions career coaching based on YOUR AGENDA, or any of the following topics, but mainly focused and flexible on client need:


Although I’m a career coach, resume writer and recruiter, I’m also a pastor accustomed to weekly public speaking for the past 25+ years, but my career started as an opera singer (and yes, a bass player/singer in an indy rock band) in college, so I suppose I’ve learned a thing or two about performance and confidence! 😉

Executives and leaders communicate in three main arenas: 

  1. Written via email
  2. Face to face meetings (1:1, small teams)
  3. Public speaking (whether in the classroom or on stage)

I’m often involved in helping leaders overcome their verbal crutches, speech patterns, reading challenges, economizing verbosity, physical blocking and placement, and most of all, DELIVERY!

As for the subject of speech delivery: Here’s a tiny tip I picked up from a famous world leader (10% off if you can identify who it is): “Say it Clear! Say it Often! Make it BURN!!”


can help you develop your business or leadership presence, clarify your goals and create a quarterly, weekly and daily plan to accomplish them!

As a career coach, resume writer and recruiter, I help professionals in transition gain clarity and find work or start businesses they love.

Review my experience: I know precisely what it takes to succeed in business leadership:

  1. My education (MBA + ThM in Leadership)
  2. US Air Force officer
  3. I started and grew a company to 67 employees before I sold it
  4. I started a church that intentionally grew to 2 campuses
  5. Raising multiple kids while doing it – we have 7–they’re all ours!

If I could grow a business while doing 2-5 ALL AT THE SAME TIME, then YOU CAN TOO!

See our About Us section on our website ( for more about who I work with.

I coach business owners (financial advisors, auto dealers, martial arts studios, HVAC owners, medical device sellers, retail shop owners, patent owners, online resellers, etc.) to help them get clear, develop their brand message, grow their revenue, personnel planning, growth strategies, exit strategies, etc.

Discovering Your Focus of Your Job Search:

This session helps you determine where you are in this journey toward work you love. It’s the “You Are Here” session where we get clear on your direction. As a result of discovering WHO you are, what VALUE you bring to your next company and WHAT you want, we narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, as well as discover two new critical habits for a successful job search that will drastically reduce time spent unemployed (if followed!) and keep you feeling a sense of accomplishment throughout your transition. (Value: $ 300)

Developing Your Brand Message / Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

How you communicate YOU to potential employers on-line (your Linkedin profile or website), on-paper (your resume) and in-person (the interview) makes all the difference between getting ignored and landing the job! Here, we develop your 30 second elevator pitch which will find its way at the top of your resume along with your executive summary, in the About section of your Linkedin profile as well as serves as your scripted answer to the interview question “tell me about yourself.” (Value: $ 300)

Uncovering Opportunities and Networking:

Think back to your last job search – did you network? How? What was effective? We propose a better method to finding new opportunities and making connections than the traditional method of sharing a business card at after-hours mixers. We help you leverage the power of Linkedin and turn you into a Subject Matter Expert in your field there. Our methods help you put your best foot forward and therefore make that stellar impression so recruiters seek YOU out. (Value: $ 300)

Interviewing Skills & Practice:

Interviewers have a legendary tendency to throw curve balls. Here, I act as the interviewer and we work on how you put your Brand Message to the test by strengthening your interview muscles. Even the most veteran of interviewees benefit from the skill development of practice. We provide feedback for your benefit and skill development. (Value: $ 300)

Salary Negotiation:

Don’t settle for what they tell you you’re worth. Learn the art of communicating your value to your potential or existing employer so you are paid what you deserve. The average increase in negotiated pay is 27% higher than when our clients started the process with! (Value: $ 300)

Onboarding for Success:

A large percentage of those in job transition who are hired are actually looking again twelve months later. What happened? Why? Learn how to onboard to your new job well, understand the principles necessary to set you up for success both now, a year from now, and beyond. (Value: $ 300)

Mastering Self-Care and Leadership:

Using my book as a launching point for discussion, learn the art of self-care as well as leadership of others which flows from loving yourself well. (Value: $ 300)

Living the Portfolio (Semi-Retired) Life:

What should you do when you retire? Typical North American retirement leads to dullness within six months. It accelerates mental and physical deterioration, demoralizes good leaders, and the typical attitude about it is “I’ll retire when I need hospice.” Instead, choose to live the “Portfolio Life” which is diversified, like an investment portfolio where you plan for a smorgasbord of activity and enjoy life NOW! (Value: $ 300)

Who are these career coaching sessions for?

Professional salaried employees

We help professionals find salaried positions they love faster than when they were going it alone.

Aspiring authors

Learn to find your voice, use it to make a much greater impact than if you had stayed in your comfortable j-o-b, and produce an income that will make you shake your head in amazement, wondering why you hadn’t begun earlier. We will create your signature talks together, hone your delivery skills, pitch your book to potential publishers, publish your book on Amazon Kindle Digital Publishers, start, monetize and grow a following through your new online presence (to include your blog, Youtube channel, a podcast and social media), how to use Linkedin to land strategic partnerships and investors as well as market your book.


Frustrated with having to leave your mission field so you can travel around asking for money from churches that will produce little lasting results? Learn how to start your own online business tailored to your needs, that will positively impact your local economy (and your own family!) by teaching you how to create sustainable jobs for the wonderful people to whom you are ministering.

Business owners

Let’s plan your growth, exit strategy and succession plan for greater income and impact. Having started, grown and structured deals for two companies, and started and grown a third, allow me to help you overcome your obstacles so you can achieve clarity to know what your next steps are AND have the accountability to put them on your “DONE” list.

This Career Coaching package is for TWELVE 1:1 sessions

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