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  1. Developing Your Brand Message: Elevator Pitch Online Course
  2. Professional, Executive-Level Resume
  3. LinkedIn Profile Update
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Thank You Letter

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Developing Your Brand Message: Elevator Pitch online course

Our Standard upgrade begins with how you communicate yourself to potential employers. This brand message makes all the difference between getting ignored and landing the job!

Our online course includes five brief videos and a pdf worksheet to download to develop your 30 second elevator pitch in a guided, do it yourself format.

Therefore, this elevator pitch will find its way in four places:

  1. Resume: At the top of your resume mingled with your summary and three of your strongest career highlight bullets
  2. LinkedIn Profile: On your About summary section on your LinkedIn profile as a marketing magnet with a Call To Action
  3. Cover Letter: Your elevator pitch will be in the first person on your cover letter “I am a… my strengths… I’m excited about…”
  4. Interview: It also becomes your scripted answer for the interview question, “tell me about yourself!”

Completing this worksheet is your first action toward getting us everything we need to produce your deliverables.

($ 199 Value)

Professional, Executive Level Resume

Send us a link to an online job posting you’re looking to apply to. We will then rewrite and target your resume into an action-oriented, achievement based document that includes bullets with full keyword optimization to satisfy the Applicant Tracking Software requirements for relevant work experience and content. This resume includes a powerful summary introduction to immediately grab attention. Moreover, your new resume will have achievements-based bullets with quantifiable data which tell a story following a Situation, Action, and Result format to tell a story. Finally, we design it in a fully editable Word document and will include a brief Resume Review together as well. ($ 497 Value)

LinkedIn Profile Update

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to instantly increase your web presence and GET NOTICED. We use your resume to fill out all areas of your experience, education and skills. Secondly, we complete your About summary with your Core Competencies, Technical Skills and a marketing magnet with a call to action. Finally, we update your background photo and ensure your settings are set correctly to get noticed by recruiters. ($ 297 Value)

Cover Letter

We have perfected the art of the cover letter. Moreover, providing one with your application ensures you have the perfect introduction for a potential employer in a concise and pleasant document with your customized branding in a Word .doc. As a result, use this template and tweak it every time you apply to a specific job. ($ 97 Value)

Thank You Letter

Gratitude and thoughtfulness go a LONG way. If you express it to those you interview with, then you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors! Use this letter as a way of expressing your thanks to your interviewer and this will then serve as a reminder to them you’re still interested! Finally, we provide a Thank You Letter Template in a Word .doc format for you to fill out and send after interviewing. ($ 97 Value)

DELIVERY TIME: 5-7 business days from date of received completed Elevator Pitch worksheet

TOTAL VALUE  = $ 1,185


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