Reverse Recruiting





60 Days of Job Support and Reverse Recruiting Services

In this Reverse Recruiting package, we partner with you as your Reverse Recruiter. We are a retained search firm, and we therefore seek out employment options on your behalf, representing you, our client. We do not receive compensation from a company for this service.

As you send us job listings, we pursue the recruiters who have posted those job openings as well as work to find the decision-maker above them. Our goal is to get you to the interview. These services include 60 days for this package, which begins after our official kickoff call where we discuss your personal preferences and your resume. ($ 7,128 Value)

The following is a list of Headhunter functions we perform on your behalf:

  1. Share targeted job leads in alignment with your Personal Preferences RoadmapTM
  2. Research and locate the relevant recruiters who own those particular job posting requisitions.
  3. Reach out to them on LinkedIn with a connection request.
  4. Once they accept our connection request, we ask them to consider your application and any relevant questions you may want to ask but are concerned by doing so yourself. We include your cover letter and resume in that conversation.
  5. If we don’t hear back from them within 2-3 days, we follow up over the phone with them as your representative to see if they have reviewed your applications. DISCLAIMER: We cannot control the choices of others or make guarantees you will be chosen for the interview. Additionally, one must move their feet, too! We can’t answer the phone for you when a recruiter calls you for a phone screening or interview!
  6. We enter your resume into a national recruiter database and bring your resume and profile before other recruiters in weekly recruiter meetings to discuss your profile and relevant openings
  7. Lastly, we realize a career transition may be stressful. Therefore, we are here for emotional support over the phone, email or LinkedIn message as well during our time together through your job search.



Next Steps

  1. Decide you want this package (Reverse Recruiting) or compare our packages for reference
  2. Purchase online by clicking on the above yellow PayPal button (you don’t need a PayPal account)
  3. Upon confirmation of purchase, we will email your next steps and
  4. Schedule our official kickoff call together

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